Toyosu 6-chome Park

Night view of Toyosu 6-chome Park(Koto Ward)


  • Beatiful 3.2
  • Access 2.9
  • Amosphere 3.2
  • Little 3.5

Today's beautiful night view time

18:21 ~ 18:51

Visit Report of Toyosu 6-chome Park

Toyosu 6-chome Park, with a circular grass plaza.

The site covers an area of 16,000 square metres, giving it a very open feel.

There are beautiful views of the 44-storey Sky Tower & Garden directly in front of the square, as well as the high-rise buildings along the Shinonome Canal.

Also, promenades and benches have been installed along the Shinonome Canal, so you can relax and enjoy the night view.

Because of the good atmosphere, it is recommended for enjoying a walk or a date.

Information about Toyosu 6-chome Park

Name Toyosu 6-chome Park
Nightscape features
Opening hours Open all day
regular closing day None
admission fee
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How to get to Toyosu 6-chome Park

By train
  • Yurikamome "Shintoyosu" station approx. 5 mins.
By Car -

View from Toyosu 6-chome Park(Photo List)

Here are some night view photos taken at Toyosu 6-chome Park .

Please refer to the atmosphere of the Toyosu 6-chome Park and what views can be seen.

Toyosu 6-chome Park FAQ

What is the recommended time for night viewing on 4/24

The 30-minute period from 18:21 ~ 18:51 is the twilight time when the night view is most beautiful.

What kind of night view can I enjoy? Where are the main attractions?

There are beautiful views of the 44-storey Sky Tower & Garden in front of the square and the tower blocks along the Shinonome Canal.

Can I use a tripod to take night shots?

Using a tripod is not prohibited. Enjoy shooting with good manners.

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