Find the best night view spots in Tokyo, Japan

Best Night View Spots in Tokyo

This is a ranking of recommended spots from over 100 Tokyo night spots that we have actually visited! Each spot has been rated overall in terms of beauty, accessibility, atmosphere and hole-in-the-wall (how crowded it is).

Best Night View Hotel in Tokyo

Here are some of the hotels in Tokyo where we have actually stayed and found the night views to be beautiful! Please use this as a reference when deciding where to stay in Tokyo.

Find Tokyo Night View Spots by Type

Time-lapse Video

Some of the time-lapse videos of Tokyo on Youtube!

Time-lapse video of a cityscape of Chiyoda Ward, Tokyo
Time-lapse video of a cityscape of Shibuya Ward, Tokyo

Frequently Asked Questions about Tokyo Nightscapes

What is the recommended time for night viewing on 2/27

The 30-minute period from 17:34 ~ 18:04 is the twilight time when the night view is most beautiful.

Where is the best spot to admire the night view of Tokyo?

Wadakura Fountain Park, KITTE Rooftop Garden, SHIBUYA SKY, Tokyo Metropolitan Government South and North Observation Decks, Tower Hall Funabori Observation Deck, and Tokyo Tower Observation Deck are recommended.

Which hotel in Tokyo has a beautiful night view?

Hotel Metropolitan Marunouchi, The Prince Park Tower Tokyo, and Hotel Wing International Select Asakusa Komagata are recommended.

When is the best time to view the Tokyo nightscape?

When visiting observatories, winter is the best time to view the nightscape as the air is clearer. Also, you can enjoy a night view of buildings with more light on weekdays.

What are some of the landmark buildings in Tokyo?

Tokyo Tower, Tokyo Sky Tree, Rainbow Bridge, Tokyo Gate Bridge, and Tokyo Station are famous landmarks.