Marunouchi Illumination

Night view of Marunouchi Illumination(Chiyoda Ward)


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  • Access 5
  • Amosphere 5
  • Little 2.8

Today's beautiful night view time

17:34 ~ 18:04

Visit Report of Marunouchi Illumination

The Marunouchi Illumination, a champagne gold illumination of the 1.2 km-long Marunouchi Naka-dori Avenue.

The sight of the main street, with its zelkova trees and cobblestone pavement creating an exotic atmosphere, lit up with approximately 1.2 million LED bulbs is a sight to behold.

The illumination is held for about 100 days from late November every year, so be sure to visit when you are in the Tokyo Station area to enjoy the beautiful spectacle for a long period of time.

Information about Marunouchi Illumination

Name Marunouchi Illumination
Nightscape features
Opening hours Open all day
regular closing day None
admission fee
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How to get to Marunouchi Illumination

By train
  • 2 mins from Tokyo Station.
  • 4 mins from Nijubashimae Station.
  • 5 mins from Otemachi Station.
By Car None (use nearby pay parking).

View from Marunouchi Illumination(Photo List)

Here are some night view photos taken at Marunouchi Illumination .

Please refer to the atmosphere of the Marunouchi Illumination and what views can be seen.

Marunouchi Illumination FAQ

What is the recommended time for night viewing on 2/27

The 30-minute period from 17:34 ~ 18:04 is the twilight time when the night view is most beautiful.

How long will the Marunouchi Illumination last for in 2023?

The 2023 Marunouchi Illumination will run from Thursday 16 November 2023 to Sunday 18 February 2024.

Until what time is the Marunouchi Illumination illuminated?

The Marunouchi Illumination lights are on from sunset until 23:00.

What kind of night view can I enjoy?

The 1.2-kilometre-long Marunouchi Naka-dori Avenue is a spectacular sight to behold, glowing champagne gold.

  • Release day:2023/11/11
  • Update day:2023/12/13


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