The 10 best observatories for beautiful Tokyo night views

Illuminated Tokyo Station viewed from the KITTE rooftop garden

There are many observation decks in Tokyo from which you can see landmarks such as Tokyo Tower and Sky Tree, as well as dazzling skyscrapers.

Many people may want to visit them for sightseeing in Tokyo or as a date destination in Tokyo.

In this article, the author, who has visited all the observation decks in Tokyo, from the classic to the obscure, carefully selects and introduces five recommended observation decks, one paid and one free.

They all have a great atmosphere and are the perfect place to enjoy the night in Tokyo, so please check them out!


Paid observatory with beautiful night views of Tokyo.

Firstly, we introduce you to five paid observation decks where you can enjoy beautiful night views of Tokyo.

We have carefully selected and presented facilities that are worth paying for, so please check them out!

Tokyo Tower Observation Deck

Built in 1958, the Tokyo Tower Observation Deck was Japan’s first true night observatory.

It has a 150-metre main deck and a 250-metre top deck, offering 360° views of the Tokyo cityscape.

The first highlight is the view to the south. The view of Metropolitan Route 301 joining Route 1 is shaped like a tower, which is why it is also known as “the other Tokyo Tower” and has become a hot topic on social networking sites.

Tokyo Tower: “Another Tokyo Tower” seen from the main deck.

東京タワー メインデッキから見える「もう一つの東京タワー」
Tokyo Tower The other Tokyo Tower, visible from the main deck.

The second highlight is the view to the west, overlooking the city towards Toranomon.

The view is dynamic, with mighty skyscrapers, including Azabudai Hills, Japan’s tallest skyscraper at 330 metres.

東京タワー メインデッキから見える高層ビル群の夜景
Tokyo Tower Night view of skyscrapers from the main deck.

The Tokyo Tower Observation Deck has a wide range of cafes and restaurants where visitors can relax inside the building after enjoying the night view.

There are also many places around the Tokyo Tower Observation Deck where you can enjoy a beautiful view of the Tokyo Tower.

Please visit these places to create wonderful memories of sightseeing in Tokyo!

4-2-8, Shiba Koen, Minato-ku, Tokyo
Admission Fee
  • Adults ¥1,200
  • High school students ¥1,000
  • 700 yen for elementary and junior high school students
  • Preschool children (from 4 years): 500 yen
Buy Advance Tickets at klook for a discount.
Opening hours
9:00~22:30 (last admission 22:00)
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Sky Tree Observation Deck

The Tokyo Sky Tree is one of Tokyo’s most iconic landmarks.

The tower, which stands 634m above ground level, was recognised by Guinness World Records in 2011 as the ‘tallest tower in the world’.

It has two observation floors where visitors can enjoy a panoramic view of the Tokyo cityscape.

Atmosphere of the Tokyo Skytree Observation Deck

From the observation deck you can see an endless sea of light.

The lights of the bridges over the Sumida River and the gentle curve of the Sumida River are also highlights.

Night view from the Tokyo Skytree Observation Deck.

Although the Tokyo Sky Tree has been in operation for more than 10 years, it is a very crowded observation deck as it is also a world-famous tourist attraction.

In order to get up to the observation deck without any problems, it is essential to buy tickets in advance.

The area around the Tokyo Skytree is full of sightseeing spots, and there are also a number of night viewpoints with beautiful views of the Skytree.

If you are considering sightseeing in the Asakusa area, please check this out.

1-1-2 Oshiage, Sumida-ku, Tokyo
Admission Fee
  • holiday TEMBO Kairo 1,100 yen / TEMBO DECK 2,300 yen / set ticket 3,400 yen
  • weekday TEMBO Kairo 1,000 yen / TEMBO DECK 2,100 yen / set ticket 3,100 yen

Tickets cannot be purchased for the TEMBO Kairo only.

Buy Advance Tickets at klook for a discount
Opening hours
10:00 ~ 21:00 (last admission at 20:00)
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Shibuya Sky (Shibuya Scramble Square Observation Deck)

Shibuya Scramble Square will open in 2019. At 229m above ground, it is the tallest commercial building in the Shibuya area.

On the 47th and 46th floors of the same building is the Shibuya Sky observation deck, which offers a panoramic view of Tokyo.

Atmosphere inside the Shibuya Sky building at night.

Atmosphere of Shibuya Sky

There are many good places to get a 360-degree view of Tokyo, but two are recommended.

The first is the view to the west, where you can enjoy a powerful night view of Mount Fuji, the Cerulean Tower and cars passing by on the Metropolitan Expressway.

The picturesque view is well worth seeing.

Evening view from Shibuya Scramble Square Observation Deck
Evening view from Shibuya Scramble Square Observation Deck

The second highlight is the view to the north, with the townscape around Shibuya Station spread out below.

This is one of the few areas where you can get a bird’s-eye view of the world-famous Shibuya Scramble Crossing, so be sure to take a commemorative photo.

View of the Shibuya scramble crossing.

Shibuya Sky manages the number of visitors every 20 minutes, so if you buy a ticket at the counter on the day of your visit, you may have to wait a while before you can enter.

Be careful if you plan to visit around sunset, especially at dusk, as the only way to get in is to buy tickets online in advance.

2-24-12, Shibuya, Shibuya-ku, Tokyo
Admission Fee
  • Adults 1,800 yen
  • junior high and high school students 1,400 yen
  • elementary school students 900 yen
  • infants (3-5 years old) 500 yen

200 yen discount for web ticket purchases

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Opening hours
10:00 - 22:30 (last admission 21:20)
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Roppongi Hills Tokyo City View

Tokyo City View is an observatory located on the 52nd floor of Roppongi Hills.

It is the most popular observatory in Tokyo, offering a panoramic view of Tokyo’s endless nightscape from 250 metres above sea level.

Inside Tokyo City View

The first of the highlights is the view to the south-east.

The dazzling lights of the illuminated Tokyo Tower and skyscrapers make for an impressive night view.

There are several observation decks in Tokyo, but Tokyo City View is the best for viewing the Tokyo Tower from a distance.

Illuminated Tokyo Tower and Tokyo Bay at night (south-east).

The second highlight is the view to the west.

The view includes the Shibuya area, where redevelopment is underway and a forest of skyscrapers is being built, as well as Mount Fuji.

Tokyo City View also holds a Diamond Fuji viewing event at the beginning of November.

Night view of the skyscrapers of Shibuya, Mt.

The Mori Art Museum is also on the same floor as the Tokyo City View, and a package ticket is also available.

You can also enjoy the night view and seasonal exhibitions, so why not visit when there is an event or exhibition that interests you?

6-10-1 Roppongi, Minato-ku, Tokyo
Admission Fee
  • general 2,200 yen
  • Students (high school and university students) 1,400 yen
  • Children (4 years old to junior high school students) 900 yen
  • Senior (65 years old and over) 1,900yen

※Additional admission fee of 500 yen is required for the Sky Deck.

Buy Advance Tickets at klook for a discount.
Opening hours
  • Tokyo City View 10:00~22:00
  • Sky Deck (outdoor observation deck) 11:00~20:00
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Fuji Television Spherical Observation Deck Hachitama

Hachitama is a spherical observation deck located in the headquarters building of Fuji Television.

Although slightly smaller than the previous observation decks, the building is equipped with benches and binoculars, allowing visitors to enjoy a 270° panoramic view of the sea.

Atmosphere of Fuji Television’s spherical observation deck Hachitama

The first highlight is the view of Odaiba’s landmark, Rainbow Bridge. Behind the bridge is Tokyo Tower, offering a typical Tokyo view.

Below is the Rainbow Bridge, which is lit up in a special rainbow-coloured display every December.

Rainbow Bridge lit in rainbow colours.

In winter, when the air is clearer, you can also see Mt. Fuji to the west from the spherical Hachitama viewing platform.

The Mt. Fuji and Rinkai panorama at dusk is very picturesque and the beauty of the view is sure to impress.

Fuji and the Odaiba cityscape

Note that the Hachitama spherical observation deck closes at 6:00 pm.

You can only enjoy the night view slowly from November to January, so visit during the winter months for sightseeing in Odaiba or on a date.

2-4-8, Minato-ku, Tokyo
Admission Fee
  • General (high school students and older) 700yen
  • elementary and middle school pupils 450yen
Opening hours
10:00 ~ 18:00
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Free observatory with a beautiful night view of Tokyo.

Below is a selection of five observatories in Tokyo where you can enjoy the night sky for free.

These are all such great places to enjoy such beautiful scenery for free! Please check them out for yourself!

Tokyo Metropolitan Government Observation Deck.

The First Metropolitan Government Building is the administrative building in the heart of Tokyo.

There are two observation floors (South Observation Room and North Observation Room) on the 45th floor of this building, which are free to enter.

There is also a restaurant, a souvenir shop and a restaurant on the observation deck, which is visited by many tourists every day.

東京都庁 南展望室の雰囲気
Atmosphere of the South Observation Deck, Tokyo Metropolitan Government Building

As you can see, the view from the observation deck is very beautiful.

To the west, you can see the Shinjuku Park Tower with its trademark triangular hat, the Metropolitan Expressway and, beyond the horizon, Mount Fuji.

Night view from the Tokyo Metropolitan Government Observation Deck.

To the east are the skyscrapers of Shinjuku and the area around Shinjuku Station, which holds the Guinness World Record for the number of passengers travelling to and from the station.

This is truly one of Japan’s leading business districts! You can enjoy the spectacular night views to your heart’s content.

A scene of skyscrapers lined up in cramped spaces

As the area around the Tokyo Metropolitan Government Building is an office area, the buildings are not well lit during the week.

For an impressive night view, we recommend visiting the observatory on a weekday evening. The detailed article also explains the differences between the South Observation Deck, North Observation Deck, and others.

2-8-1 Nishi-Shinjuku, Shinjuku-ku, Tokyo
Admission Fee
Opening hours
  • North Observatory 9:30-17:30
  • South Observatory 9:30-23:00
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Yebisu Garden Place Sky Lounge

Yebisu Garden Place is a complex of buildings straddling the Shibuya and Meguro wards of Tokyo.

There are two viewing areas on the restaurant level on the 38th floor where you can relax and enjoy the night view.

Atmosphere of Yebisu Garden Place Sky Lounge

The best view is from the south, where you can see Tokyo Tower, one of Tokyo’s most famous landmarks, from a good distance.

The lights of the surrounding buildings are also beautiful, making for an enchanting night view.

If you move your eyes a little, you can also see the Tokyo Sky Tree and the Rainbow Bridge in Odaiba.

View of Tokyo Tower from the Sky Lounge.

The other viewing area opens to the west and north, offering views of the skyscrapers of Shibuya and Shinjuku and, on a clear day, Mt.

Mt. Fuji on a clear day. The view is just as spectacular as the southern viewpoint.

The downside of this viewpoint is that it is close to the elevators, so there is a lot of pedestrian traffic.

Night view towards Shibuya from the Sky Lounge.

The area around Shibuya Ward, where Yebisu Garden Place is located, is also rich in tourist attractions and commercial facilities.

If you are interested, please read the detailed article and enjoy the night view from Yebisu Garden Place Sky Lounge.

4-20 Ebisu, Shibuya-ku, Tokyo
Admission Fee
Opening hours
11:00 ~ 23:30
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Caretta Shiodome SKY VIEW

SKY VIEW is an observation lounge located in the restaurant area on the 46th and 47th floors of the Caretta Shiodome.

Although it is a small observation room, it offers a beautiful view of the bay area beyond the windows.

Atmosphere of the Caretta Shiodome observation floor.

The first attraction is the southern view of the city of Odaiba and Takeshiba.

The picturesque view includes the Rainbow Bridge, one of Odaiba’s most iconic landmarks, and Memmes Tokyo, a 119-metre commercial building that will open in 2020.

Rainbow Bridge and Memes Tokyo

The second highlight is the view to the east, where you can see the Tsukiji Ohashi Bridge over the Sumida River, the Kachidokibashi Bridge and the high-rise buildings in the direction of Harumi.

The Tsukiji Ohashi and Kachidokibashi bridges are illuminated from sunset until 23:00, so you can enjoy the night view until relatively late.

Incidentally, the Tsukiji market used to be underneath and you could see an unusual sight like a UFO, but now it is a car park and the amount of light has decreased, which is a pity.

Night view towards Tsukishima

Although the observation space at Caretta Shiodome SKY VIEW is rather small, it is a hole-in-the-wall observation deck where you can enjoy a relatively quiet night view with a small number of people.

Please stop by if you are visiting the Shiodome area for sightseeing or a date.

1-8-1 Higashi-Shinbashi, Minato-ku, Tokyo
Admission Fee
Opening hours
11:00 ~ 23:00
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KITTE 6F Rooftop garden

KITTE opened in 2013 as Japan Post’s first commercial facility.

On the 6th floor is the KITTE Garden, an open-air rooftop garden of approximately 1,500 square metres, where visitors can view the Tokyo Station building and the new main lines and trains arriving and departing from the station.

Atmosphere of the KITTE rooftop garden

Here is the view from the roof garden.

The illuminated red brick station building, the beautifully landscaped square and the skyscrapers surrounding the station are a spectacular sight.

I still remember how impressed I was when I first visited this place and saw the night view.

Illuminated Tokyo Station viewed from the KITTE rooftop garden.

If you shift your gaze a little, you can also view Shinkansen trains and trains arriving and departing from Tokyo Station.

The observation deck is also recommended for those who like train views.

Trains and bullet trains at Tokyo Station from the KITTE Rooftop Garden

Note that the KITTE Rooftop Garden is open until 23:00, but Tokyo Station is lit from sunset until around 21:00.

If you choose to visit, we recommend that you enjoy the night view and then have dinner at one of the restaurants in the area.

2-7-2 Marunouchi, Chiyod-ku, Tokyo
Admission Fee
Opening hours
11:00-23:00 (11:00-22:00 on Sundays and holidays)
* May be closed due to weather conditions.
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Marunouchi Building, 35th floor, observation deck

The Marunouchi Building, a 36-storey complex, is a short walk from Tokyo Station.

The top floor, where the restaurant district is located, has an open-air observation area.

Atmosphere of the 35th floor observation deck in the Marunouchi Building

Beyond the windows you can see the illuminated parliament building, the skyscrapers towards Kasumigaseki and Mount Fuji.

The view is only in one direction, so there are few sights to see, but the high level of light and the picturesque balance of the city make it worth a look.

Personally, this is one of my favourite sights among the places featured here.

Night view of Kasumigaseki from the 35th floor observation deck of the Marunouchi Building.

There is also a viewing room on the fifth floor of the same building, where you can get a bird’s eye view of Tokyo Station.

The building offers two views at once, so if you are interested, please drop by.

2-4-1 Marunouchi, Chiyoda-ku, Tokyo
Admission Fee
Opening hours
Weekdays and Saturdays until 23:00 / Sundays and holidays until 22:00
*In case of consecutive holidays, only the last day of the week will be open on Sundays and holidays.
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The 10 best observatories for beautiful Tokyo night views Summary

We have carefully selected and presented 10 recommended observatories in Tokyo.

Have you found an observation deck that caught your eye?

The places featured here are all wonderful places where you can enjoy a powerful night view of Tokyo, so please visit them for sightseeing or as a date destination!

If you would like to know about other observation decks, please check out the list of observation decks in Tokyo.


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